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Room rental

Are you a professional looking for a space to offer your services?

The equipment

At Siqua we have 3 inquiries sanitary and a multipurpose room.

The multipurpose room consists of 22m2, ideal for teaching classes in small groups (yoga, pilates, hypopressives, etc.), sports rehabilitation and/or rehabilitation, talks and other activities. It has its own air conditioning, shoulder pads, basic equipment (elastic bands and weights) and a music player.

The two large boxes they are 12m2. They have the necessary material to consult professionals who require a stretcher. They consist of an electric stretcher, a desk, chairs for the therapist and the patient, a stool on wheels, a sink for washing hands, air conditioning in each box and basic consumables such as cream and stretcher paper.

Room rental

The small query consists of 8m2. Designed for those professionals who do not require a stretcher. It has a large table, chairs for the patient and companion, a chair for the therapist, a sink for washing hands, furniture and individual air conditioning in each box.


Common spaces

The center has a cozy waiting room and two bathrooms (one of them adapted). The entire center complies with health regulations and has plenty of natural light in all spaces.

Room rental
Room rental
Room rental

The services

Comprehensive services


In Siqua, the services that we offer are comprehensive.

Are included in the rents:

  • Cleaning services for all spaces
  • The air conditioning of each consultation, electricity and water
  • Basic expendable materials
  • Alarm system
  • Wifi available in all spaces
  • Option to have your own office key
  • common printer
Room rental

Who is it aimed at?


addressed to self-employed people in the health sector, with its own clientele and eager to grow and share knowledge and spaces.


Ideal for health professionals such as physiotherapists, psychologists, osteopaths, nutritionists, sports rehabilitators/INEFC, yoga and/or pilates instructors, hypopressive instructors, etc., who want to expand their client portfolio and have a central, new and bright space in this town.



Sports rehabilitation

Room rental

Box rental with

stretcher 12m2

Time slots: 1 morning, 1 afternoon or a whole day. Also option of weekly rental of strips or full days.

Hourly rental: check according to availability.

Box rental

office 8m2

Time slots: 1 morning, 1 afternoon or a whole day. Also option of weekly rental of strips or full days

Hourly rental: check according to availability.

Room rental

versatile 22m2

Rental by the hour or time slots.


The rooms and consultations are rented in morning strips (from 8 a.m a 2 p.m maximum) or afternoon (3 p.m a 9 p.m maximum) or a whole day (from 8 a.m a 9 p.m).
They can be periodic rentals, that is to say, always reserve a specific day for example or according to needs.
There is also the option of hourly rent depending on the availability of spaces.
The rentals are designed to make your work easier so that you only have to worry about taking care of your patients.

Room rental

We are at your service

Are you a professional looking for a space to offer your services? Or are you a patient interested in any of the services offered at Siqua?

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